A Doll in Autumn

Ask me anything   18+ only! My journey into my living doll transformation. My adventures, my thoughts, my inspiration. I am an evolving work of art. Perfectionist, Barbie, slut, brat, 1950's housewife, good girl and everything else you'd ever want me to be. Not looking for a daddy/owner/boyfriend/frog price.

thesissyblog asked: Whats your main goal when your done becoming a bimbo?


I don’t really want to become a bimbo, being an airhead isn’t my thing. Much more into dollification!

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Anonymous asked: Not looking for a daddy/owner/boyfriend/frog - just looking for a paycheck I bet.


Or maybe I’m already taken, moron.

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Corset training everyday now… Must be a tiny, tiny doll. Big boobs, smallest waist <3 Wearing 20” at the moment, i will be the happiest doll when it closes all the day :)

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Lying in bed, reading a news article on my phone.

Suddenly realise I am resting my phone entirely on my boobs, no hands needed.

This makes me happy in a really perverted way. ;-)

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Falling is just another way to fly.

Falling is just another way to fly.

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