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Ask me anything   18+ only! My journey into my living doll transformation. My adventures, my thoughts, my inspiration. I am an evolving work of art. Perfectionist, Barbie, slut, brat, 1950's housewife, good girl and everything else you'd ever want me to be. Not looking for a daddy/owner/boyfriend/frog prince.

Anonymous asked: Fuck that guy who sent you that last msg. I think you are amazing & basically the only reason I even check tumblr anymore. Keep doing your thing :)


Aww, thank you! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I am mad busy with studying at the moment! Normal service resumed shortly ;-)

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Anonymous asked: Lol you contradict yourself so much, like you talk so much about you becoming a sex doll and look like how "daddy wants you look" yet when someone asks you something about your body you get so defensive. Then why in the hell even mention your breasts or body in the first place?! Especially on tumblr where people openly see it. I think you just wanna be like those girls who play hard to get and are always like "omg back off my body is not your business". You conceited ass bitch


I have no need to play hard to get, given that I’m unavailable. I’ve made it quite clear throughout my blog that I’m owned and exist to please one man, not the general public. I’ve also made it clear that this is my place to document my journey, not to please everyone who looks at it.

If you don’t like my blog, please feel free to not look, I honestly couldn’t care less.

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Maly Siri, Vivienne Westwood - Naughty Alice

Maly Siri, Vivienne Westwood - Naughty Alice

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such-lovely-sluts asked: Do you ever miss your septum piercing? I liked the way it looked on you, but you're going for a classy doll look, huh?


I still wear the piercing, I just kind of flip it up so it’s not always visible :-P

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7intommy asked: Just curious of your current bra size and what your goal size would be? Thanks, your amazingly beautiful! A true doll...


I’m a 30H at the moment. I don’t have a goal size besides ‘as big as I can get’. ;-)

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billywhitesh0es asked: Have you ever thought about expandable implants? That way your final size can be whatever you want it to be ;)


I have already had a consultation to get expanders. I’m booking surgery for the end of the year.

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darkesbliss asked: You are everything a woman should be


Glad you think so ;-)

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