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Ask me anything   18+ only! My journey into my living doll transformation. My adventures, my thoughts, my inspiration. I am an evolving work of art. Perfectionist, Barbie, slut, brat, 1950's housewife, good girl and everything else you'd ever want me to be. Not looking for a daddy/owner/boyfriend/frog prince.

Anonymous asked: You want to be a doll, an incredibly sexual thing, yet despise anything to do with being public about your body. I fail to see the point really. Let alone this tumblr.


Then it’s fortunate I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not you see the point of my blog. Feel free to do me a favour and not look anymore. Thanks! :-)

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Anonymous asked: Hey Doll... Do you aspire to be a fuck toy also? I ask because your page is a bit tame if you are... a proper fucktoy must have daily smut stimulus (forced anal, gangbangs, deep throating, eating pussy, denial, forced orgasm) to have her be the proper pet, the proper doll, the proper fuck toy. A daily regiment does two things 1) shows your commitment and you;re not a wannabe 2) speed up your transformation because your mind is in synch with the new body. I expect a polite answer Doll.


Then try sending a polite message if you’d like a polite answer.

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Anonymous asked: I think you owe it to you're adoring fans to upload a photo of you're hot self in sexy lingerie,thigh high fuck-me boots and dangling a menthol cigarette out of you're gorgeous pouty lips. We would be extremely grateful. Thank you Doll.


No thanks.

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I’m going to try and go to Hyper Japan this year, are any of you going??

I am! :)

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Anonymous asked: Oh wow! I didn't even notice all that taxidermy in the background, it's gorgeous! You'd make a wonderful hostess~


You haven’t even seen the peacocks yet! :-P

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allensarmory asked: Doll, you're beautiful. If you want bigger boobs, go for it. But if its not for you, if you're lookin to please someone else, then don't do it. Don't change yourself to meet someone else's standards.


Thanks, but the main reason I’m getting them is to please someone else. I WANT to change myself to meet someone else’s standards. Most people aren’t into that, and that’s fine, but please don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing :)

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